Fertility Health

By: Sherin George, PA-C

Physical health. Emotional health. Spiritual health. All of these three aspects are important for the holistic well being of a person. There is yet another aspect that is especially important for a woman: her fertility health! A woman’s energy, mood, and confidence are so dependent on her menstrual cycle regardless of age. Understanding her cycle patterns and optimizing her fertility health maybe the missing steps to feeling whole again.

Men are like waffles; Women are like spaghetti! Maybe you have heard this during talks on male and female differences. Men are able to compartmentalize their thoughts and emotions. Women, generally speaking, are more intertwined in their thoughts and emotions. Women struggle to separate their emotional self from their physical self. Those are two are very interconnected aspects for them. This is also true for her hormonal and fertility health. Suppressing her natural cycles and spiraling down in hormone imbalances can soon easily affect her sense of self.

It is time that women stood up for our holistic health which includes our fertility health! Learning about the cycles is the first step. Since most women do not have a 28-day cycle, understanding a women’s cycle pattern is important for getting blood work on the right days of the cycle to better understand her hormone levels.

When a couple struggles to get pregnant after actively trying for 12 months, they are given the medical diagnosis of ‘infertility’ and are referred to a reproductive endocrinologist. Unfortunately, most specialists are not interested in investigating for the underlying issue. All too often, they order minimal tests and then start introducing expensive solutions to infertility: IUI, artificial insemination, IVF, etc.

As part of holistic health, we like to look for the underlying reason behind infertility and are committed to optimizing the natural rhythms of female cycle to optimize their chances of getting pregnant. Properly timed hormone tests, comprehensive thyroid panels, mineral and toxin level checks, and phase specific ultrasounds are some of common tests ordered.

Sherin George, our Physician Assistant at the Brandon office, is trained in NaProTECHNOLOGY, short for Natural Procreative Technology. Through the training she received, she can help optimize a couple’s fertility health through the right steps that may include chelation, bio-identical hormone supplementation (ex: Progesterone), thyroid hormone replacement, weight management, ovulation induction, cervical mucus improvement, etc.

With proper medical counseling and management, a couple’s fertility can be better optimized. We are interested in partnering with you in this journey. We share your desire to learn more about your fertility. We have the tools and knowledge to help you.

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