This Is Juicy Stuff

If you are looking for a way to kick start your day, your diet or your overall health plan, “juicing” is a great place to begin. Mixing up an elixir of veggies and some fruits is the most efficient way to get micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes straight into your system. Throwing fresh vegetables into a blender or juicer and liquidating their green goodness is a perfect way to boost energy (better than that cup of coffee) and get essential nutrients you may be lacking all in one easily digestible drink.

The daily diet recommendations include getting six to eight servings of vegetables each day. Who does that on a regular basis?  When you consume a raw juice, you can get it all done at once. You also get the pre-digested phytochemicals and vitamins that help fight free radical damage to arteries. It can also help to lower “bad cholesterol” (triglyceride) levels. The chlorophyll in green drinks helps to alkalize your body, reducing the risk of diseases that can develop with toxic overload.

Other benefits include eliminating brain fog, promoting weight loss and liver detoxification. Juicing can also help you load up on prebiotics and healthy gut bacteria that can lower blood sugars by increasing the levels of pre-digested fiber in your system.

Juicing is also good for evening routines because it can get you a better night’s sleep. Instead of digesting food, your body can concentrate on sleeping which means a more restful night. It can also improve your skin tone by eliminating substances that lead to inflammatory skin diseases like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne and premature aging.

Although you may first think of fruits when you hear the word juicing, it’s better to skimp on the fruit and stick to the veggies. Fruit can add too much sugar and calories into the mix. The best drinks will add just about any vegetable you find palatable, and then maybe a touch of apple, pineapple, or a few berries. Limes and lemons can always be added.

The vegetables should be organic and mostly green, with the base being spinach, celery, kale, Swiss chard, celery and cucumbers. Fresh ginger is a great way to add a burst of spice. You should always drink your juice right after you make it, since it is highly perishable. It can be stored (immediately) in a refrigerator for later consumption, but never after 24 hours.

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